Wall painting

Do you want to bring your walls to life with colours and fabulous designs? Coloured, black & white or assorted ornaments on walls and ceilings in your interiors. Numbers of combinations, designs, colours and also selection of varied patterns are the best way how to make your interiors (of entrance halls, bedrooms, sitting, dinning or children´s rooms) colourful, modern and stylish.

The prices are individual, therefore it is not possible to state an united price list. Paintings are realized with different techniques.

Price especially depends on:

  • Fitting walls
  • Difficulty (shadows, many different colours)
  • Size of painting
  • Number of details
  • Style
  • Background of picture (with or without the backround, toned only, fully coloured background)

We do painting in:

  • houses, apartaments: living, dining and children´s rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, entrance halls,…
  • business premises, others: offices, shops, restaurants, kindergartens/schools etc.

We offer services as:

  • graphical presentations to pick out the colour, ornaments or pictures and to fit their size and style

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